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Forging The Bindrune

Our logo, the Tovsen Development Bindrune, binds three Nordic runes together, each of which represents a pillar of our values and demonstrates the meaning behind what we do and why we do it.

In collaboration with A_Shaman_Called_Connor


Kenaz [AKA: Ken, Kano, Kaun, Kaunan]

Torch, Beacon, Fire

Kenaz is the rune of fire, the only man-made source of heat and light in the millennia before electricity was discovered. Kenaz was the fire that people used to light and heat their homes and carried with them to light their way. Kenaz represents the light in the darkness and the warmth provided by fire. It also represents the light of knowledge and enlightenment. The ancient symbol of the torch denotes spiritual enlightenment, the torch that lights the way.

Today, the instrumentation of technology, if done properly, can drastically improve how we communicate, tell stories, and connect, it is the medium by which knowledge is now passed on to future generations.


Othala [AKA: Othal, Odal, Othalan]⁠

Homeland, Tradition, Heritage

Othala speaks to the forces that brought us into the world and raised us, and can refer to the inheritance of land or any other property which we have gained from our ancestors. It symbolizes aspects of our lives that our ancestors have set forth before us. We carry the traits, habits, beliefs, genetics, etc. gained through our family origins and story. Othala relates not to movable wealth like cattle or money, but the inherited, eternal wealth such as land, spritial continuation, stories and genetics.

This rune speaks to our focus on working locally with sustainable habits and methods, to ensure the continuation of the vital cultures and people in our community. An important reverence from whence we came and how to ensure a steady path forward.


Teiwaz [AKA, Tyr, Tír, Tiwar, Tiwaz] ⁠⁠

Tyr, Courage, Strength, Passion

Teiwaz encapsulates the qualities of the Norse god Tyr. Tyr is associated with Courage, Strength, and Masculine Energy. Courage and strength have very important connotations with Tyr, as he showed both of these when he bravely sacrificed his right hand to chain the great wolf Fenrir. As such, Teiwaz teaches us to put our causes above our own to demonstrate a willingness to self-sacrifice in order to achieve a necessary positive outcome for the whole. Teiwaz reminds us that we have the courage and the strength to make sacrifices and emerge victoriously.

Lastly, this rune empowers our passionate team and affiliate partners, to bring their best for each project. To lead when it is needed and to deliver the highest quality work despite any setbacks or barriers.

Trevor Tovsen

Founder - Managing Director

Management Information Systems, B.B.A

Philosophy, B.A

University of Minnesota, Duluth

Ever since a young age, I have been driven to exceed expectations and deliver exellence in the work that I do. Upon graduation, from the University of Minnesota, I embarked on the endevour to start a software and web development company. With this agency and partnering with other specialists, developers, and engineers, we have brought many products to life and delivered the highest possible tier of service.

Outside of running a business and coding, I train Strongman and body building but I also enjoy a nice walk around the lake, skiing in the winter, and mountain biking.

Andrew Midthun

Full Stack Web Developer

Management Information Systems, B.B.A

University of Minnesota, Duluth

I am passionate about being a problem solver and what technology can do for our future. I have always enjoyed coding in my experience as I love the challenging aspects it can bring. With a degree in Management Information Systems from the University Of Minnesota, I have gained knowledge not only in the technology world, but as well as the business world. I have been working on web development projects since 2017. Aside from being a developer, I love getting outside and doing activities like hiking, biking, golfing and getting on the water for some fun.