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Unleashing the inner Viking of yourself, team, or organization!

Looking for digital solutions that help eliminate paperwork, automate a process, or streamline how you communicate critical business information. Unleash your inner Viking!
By Trevor Tovsen

Leveraging technology to innovate and lead

You have decided a manual process or legacy business procedure is becoming cumbersome and time-consuming. You want to look for some digital solutions that may help eliminate paperwork, automate a process, or streamline how you communicate critical business information.

When it comes to the myriad of technical resources available at our fingertips, many leaders find it difficult to decide where they should start. As soon as you begin down the path, usually you are Google searching various topics and all the options become overwhelming. It's hard to know what sources your can trust and what sort of value can be drawn from the various products and services available!

But from what we can at least admit to ourselves, is that if we leverage technology properly and efficiently, it could be the very breakthrough that could set us apart from our competitors or at the very least, provide the needed support so we can catch our breath after the long-winded tiresome challenge we are trying to improve in the first place.

What is the "inner Viking"?

We all know the Vikings. The "savage" warriors and sailors that sent forth on the North seas to discover new lands, plunder riches, and assert hegemony over Scandinavia, Northern Europe,  the British Isles, and the newly discovered Vinland. While it may be a stretch to bring this model to business in the modern world, we can at least entertain this concept and see the fun in how this Viking spirit can bring some gusto and joy to our tedious professional lives. At Tovsen Development, our mission is to "unleash the inner Viking in our partners by inspiring innovation and conquering every obstacle in our way"! It is the passion that helps us embody and promote our "runic vitures" that of Kenaz, Othala, and Teiwaz.

The Rune of Fire & Knowledge (Kenaz)

Helping companies leverage technology to gain insight and knowledge into their organizations and out into their industry so they can not only communicate their value but tell their story.

The Rune of Homeland & Tradition (Othala)

Ensuring sustainable habits, processes, and mindset so that we all may enrich our internal company culture and imbue an environmental consciousness that encourages stewardship and joy in the process.

The Rune of Strength & Passion (Teiwaz)

Empowering our passionate tribesmen/women to do their best in each project, overcoming difficulties and striving for excellence.

Think It. Dream It. Do It.

Taking these concepts (i.e. runic virtues) and putting them into action is our method of "unleashing that inner Viking", now for your organization, team, or even just yourself, each may speak a bit differently but the core remains eternal to us all. Now Think It, Dream It, Do It! As the comedian Sam Hyde would say. It sounds cliche, but somethings are just that simple!